A Short Guide on General Funeral Etiquette and Some Funeral Traditions in Selected Parts of the World

Every culture has its own set of funeral customs and practices. It’s very important for funeral attendees to observe proper funeral etiquette to avoid being perceived as someone who is disrespectful to the dead. Funeral etiquette will depend on the deceased person’s culture including his religion. Anyone who knows or is related to the dead person are free to go the wake unless there is a request that prohibits non-relatives from attending.


During public viewings, the dead person’s casket is usually open and his photos are placed near his casket. However, if relatives asked funeral directors to keep the casket close, it will be impossible for guests to view the dead. Guest books are signed by the attendees in order for the relatives to tally the number of visitors. They also use them to know the people who attended the funeral.


funeral homesFlowers are usually sent in funeral homes to express sympathy, but when attending Jewish funerals, it is not appropriate to send flowers for the dead. Jewish people believe that flowers are more appropriate for happy events. They usually prefer having simple funerals. At Hindu funerals, flowers are used to decorate the deceased person’s body. As for Catholic funerals, attendees give mass cards to the dead person’s relatives. Mass cards inform relatives that there’s a mass that will honour their deceased loved one’s life.


Aside from flowers and cards, money is also given to relatives during wakes. Japanese people practice giving “koden” or condolence money at funerals. They put the money inside envelopes with black and white ribbons. The Chinese people also give money to the deceased person’s relatives to help them pay for the funeral costs. The money is placed inside a white envelope and it is later dropped inside a donation box. Prayers and chants are also important for the dead. People normally do them to ensure that the dead’s soul will reach heaven or be happy in the afterlife.


As for the clothes that should be worn, it is not really required to wear black when attending funerals. As much as possible, wear semi-formal clothes like buttoned shirts. However, if you will attend a Chinese funeral, it is not appropriate to wear red-colored clothes in funeral homes. The deceased person is also not allowed to be dressed in red. In some cultures, the relatives keep the belongings of their deceased loved one, but in Chinese funeral traditions, all the clothes worn by the dead are normally burned.


When it comes to observing proper funeral etiquette, people should also be more careful when bringing children inside funeral homes. It’s very important to inform them first before bringing them in those establishments. Some children may cause commotions and that can suggest that you’re disrespecting the dead people and their relatives.


Some societies view food as something essential during funerals. Chinese people normally set up altars during funerals. They place food on them to ensure that the deceased is well fed before going to the afterlife. They usually put fruits and vegetables. Eating in funerals is also practiced by some cultures. Some funeral parlours even have facilities where people can eat. Greeks and Filipinos normally share their snacks at funerals.


Americans, on the other hand, eat after a funeral service. Unfortunately, some American states prohibit serving and bringing food in funeral homes for sanitary reasons. If you are planning to bring food in a funeral home, research on your state’s policies regarding funeral food first.


When attending funerals, it’s always necessary to follow the requests of the dead person’s relatives. It’s one way of showing care to them.

Features of Modern-Day Military Coins

Military coins are also known as challenge coins because of the supposed challenge attached to it. Decades ago, American soldiers stationed in Germany adopted a local tradition called pfennig checks. A pfennig was a German coin and when someone asked for it, you should present it. Otherwise, you would be asked to buy beer for the challenger. Americans adopted the tradition but made use of their challenge coins.


The modern-day challenge coins are no longer used in this manner. In the military, the awarding of these coins is still held. It is more of a memento than a coin used for throwing or doing the challenge.


military coinsChallenge coins can now be bought or customized. Apart from the military, other branches of the government adopted the tradition of awarding coins. Examples of government branches that adopted this tradition include the police and the fire department. Just like soldiers, police officers and firefighters are exposed to great dangers. Aside from that, they also serve and protect civilians and properties.


Even the executives who reside in the White House make use of military coins. They give these coins to leaders from other countries who visit the White House. Aside from country leaders, challenge coins are also presented to VIPs such as the Pope, influential businesspeople, and highly acclaimed professors.


Corporations also hold awarding ceremonies of challenge coins for their well-performing employees. This is intended to encourage the employees to continue their excellent performance. It also serves as a symbol of affiliation to the company.


Purchasing customized challenge coins is now open to all as long as you have the means for them. If you want to have one for group, below are some features you may want to have in your military coins as well as the factors you need to consider when shopping for a designer and producer.


Challenge coins are traditionally round in shape. But nowadays, a military coin can be in any shape or form that you can imagine. Decide which form you want it to have. If you want to have a less expensive military coin, you should better stick with the basic shapes such as round, square and triangle.


Challenge coins may be made from gold such as those in ancient Rome. Coins may also be bronze just like the one in the story of the young pilot who made use of his bronze medallion to introduce himself as an American. Modern-day challenge coins, on the other hand, can be made from all sorts of materials. Copper, brass, nickel, gold and silver may be sought as a base metal for a military coin. Challenge coins made from the first three base metals are way cheaper than military coins that are made from gold or silver. If you still want a gold finish for your military coin, it is possible and more economical than using gold as the base metal and finish.


You will also decide between hard enamel and soft enamel. The basic difference of the two is that the hard enamel challenge coins have smoother surfaces than the soft enamel ones. In the latter, you can feel the metal ridges in the coin. The soft enamel challenge coins are more popular than the hard enamel challenge coins. However, the hard ones are better in quality. Because of that, hard enamel ones are also more expensive.


The basic elements of military coins are the form, base metal, finish and enamel type. It’s up to you on what to feature in your customized coin. A staple feature is the year the coin was manufactured. You can other designs and decide on the colors. Keep in mind the more detailed you want it to be, the more expensive your challenge coin will be.

An Overview about Office Movable Cubicles

Whether it’s a home or office setting, organization is needed. Today, there are many types of interior partition to facilitate organization. To these partitions belong interior movable walls, glass partitions, interior wall partitions and movable cubicles. These partitions are good investments because they do not limit the functionality of the space. They can be installed and removed without causing permanent damage to the building’s wall, ceiling and floors. As a result, these interior partitions are great for rental spaces. However, they can also be used for residential venues for the same purposes.


Movable cubiclesOne particular importance to offices is the movable cubicle mainly used in offices. If interior wall partitions are not a choice, then these cubicles will serve perfectly to facilitate a room’s space and division. When it comes to versatility, a lot of business and residential owners prefer using movable cubicles over permanent fixtures such as concrete and wooden walls to organize office spaces and promote productivity. Movable cubicles offer the choice of flexibility and low cost without sacrificing design and functionality.




Movable cubicles are factory finished and generally made from solid laminate materials that are coated with a special setting to render them water, fire and scratch resistant. Some cubicles are made from thermosetting resin and wood fibers. High quality cubicles are chemical corrosion resistant and vandal resistant. The walls are at least 10mm thick.




A movable cubicle will always have a door or a form of entrance. The doors can be customized by size, color, finish and framing.


Other features


Some cubicles are fully enclosed. This allows fixtures such as lights and fans to be installed to the ceiling of the cubicle itself. This, however, is not a popular option for an office setting because the user is totally isolated from the rest of the work place.


Some cubicles are raised few inches from the floor with the help of slender post fixtures called “feet.” Some cubicles are “footless”, meaning the ends of the panel and door (if any) meet the floor.


Advantages for Homes and Businesses

  • Versatility and Low Cost


A movable cubicle can be folded, travelled and stored. Because these cubicles are not permanently fixed on the walls and floors, the cost of installing and removing them are none to residual. They are also reusable and long-lasting so each unit is worth every cent. For organizations who are looking forward to setting up temporary events such as bazaars, trade show exhibits and fundraisers, it is good to know that these cubicles are also available for rent or lease. The price will depend on the size and type of cubicle, rent duration and location for delivery.


  • Flexibility


Movable cubicles optimize a room’s surface area. With that said, the storage capacity of a room is never wasted. They can be arranged in any way preferred. Each cubicle has a panel that varies in length and width so there will always be a matching movable cubicle to any office or residential space.


  • Aesthetics and Durability


These cubicles are available in different colors and height. They are “junior cubicles” specially made for children. The frame and post can be customized to match the panel and the entire room design.


  • Time Saver


Setting up a movable cubicle can take as little as an hour. Once installed, they can be used until you decide to remove or rearrange them. There is also no downtime unlike building concrete or wooden walls. They are relatively lightweight and will not take a lot of manpower to install. There is also no need for these cubicles to be painted.

Hiring the perfect keynote speaker

You want to hire a keynote speaker for your organization or company, but you are still quite unsure as to how you can find the right one. Good news: there are several excellent and professional keynote speakers out there that you can choose from. Bad news: it is hard to choose from them because, again, there are just too many of them.


keynote speakerBy default, professional keynote speakers are highly competitive with each other. One will always claim that he or she is the best option, and this can sometimes be crucial to your decision-making. However, this does not necessarily mean that they aren’t really the best resort; it only means that you have to choose the one that will totally fit your needs.


With that said, here are some tips that can help you pick the best keynote speaker for you!


  • Identify first the date as well as the location in which you would want to have your event. This will sort of help you cut down the list of possible keynote speakers for the said event. Of course, if a keynote speaker isn’t available on that schedule, it only means you will not have to choose that person.



  • Consider your budget. Since you will have to pay for the speaker, you have to choose the one that you can actually afford. You will also have to consider the cost of the speaker’s travel, so it is better if you would hire a speaker whose location is relatively closer to yours.



  • Think about why you actually need a keynote speaker. Most organizations hire a speaker because they want them to motivate, educate, initiate a change, promote the organization or the company, raise the funds, entertain, and many more. Identifying your purpose for hiring a keynoter will help you also identify what type of speaker you will most likely hire, which in turn narrows down your list. For instance, if you need a speaker because you want your organization to be promoted, you will then hire a speaker whose expertise include promotion. The speaker has to be engaging enough to catch the people’s attention.



  • You will also need to do some research about some of the potential speakers you have in mind. Look for their professional background and find out whether that they have already been successful in the past. You are looking for the best speaker, after all.



  • Ask for references from your friends or colleagues, most especially if this is your first time to look for a keynote speaker. You can use your networks to be directed to one that you are looking for. If you know someone who has already worked with keynote speakers, you can probably ask him or her to recommend one for you. Likewise, you can also consult the internet regarding this. Big Speak (www.bigspeak.com) can help you locate speakers. Be careful when you are looking online, though, because you will most likely encounter fake ones out there.



  • You will also have to think through the demographic characteristics of your audience, for this will also have an impact on what type of speaker is the best for you. Do you want a speaker who will most likely appeal to the general audience, or do you need someone who will only appeal to a specific audience segment (e.g. a group of women)? If you think that this particular speaker won’t seem appropriate for your audience, then it is best for you to not choose that speaker.



  • You also need to come up with the decision makers for your program who will plan out the program. Make sure that the vision and plans that the decision makers have are in line with the speaker that you choose.

Printed Circuit Boards: Making the Lives of People Easier

The most common part of an electronic device that you don’t get to see everyday is the printed circuit boards. These are used to connect the components of a device together without the use of any unnecessary wires. The component will be attached to a board made out of a semiconductor material that will have an electronic circuit etched onto it, allowing a connection to everything that is connected to it. The patterns on the circuit boards are set so that the components that it needs to talk will only be connected to those that it needs to talk to. These pieces of hardware can also be called “printed wiring boards” or “printed wiring cards.”


Printed circuit boards have a lot of parts that, when assembled together, would look like they are just one solid unit. In order to make a circuit board, choosing the material for it is the first step. The material that must be used should either be a semiconductor, or an item that is completely insulated against electricity. The most common material used is fibreglass, which is lightweight but durable and is inexpensive to produce.


printed circuit boardsComputer-aided design programs are used by designers to produce the patterns for the circuit board. These patterns will then be “printed,” or etched onto the printed circuit boards that will be made. The design program used by the designer will help in getting a preview to be produced so that the circuits to be printed will not overlap with any other components which will be added to the board. This is very helpful if the design that needs to be done is with a multilayer circuit board. The holes that need to be punctured into the board are also laid out during this phase.


The material used as the conductor for printed circuit boards is usually copper. When the circuit boards were still being developed, copper foils were pasted at the bottom of a board to produce the path for the circuit. The components will then be riveted into place afterwards. With the modern circuit boards, the copper is etched into the board so that the design will not fade away or get disrupted when it is finally being used.


Depending on the component that will be installed into the circuit board, there are different means to connect them. Plated through holes are used when the components would be fit into holes that were readily set into the circuit board. After the component is set, they would either be riveted or screwed in place. For a better contact between the circuit and the component, soldering the components was then introduced. The plated through holes would then have a copper ring around it to also ensure a good connection with the component that will be installed in it.


When placing an electronic component into printed circuit boards, there are also different ways to connect them. With the Through-Mount technology, holes will be drilled into the circuit board and are marked with an annular ring. The electric component will then be placed through the hole and is soldered in place. This is the most common means of adding a component to a circuit board. Surface Mount Technology is when the component is “stamped” directly onto the circuit board. Soldering will not be needed with this method and this is commonly used for small components like resistors.


With the production of the circuit board, this allows a cost-efficient and faster means of making the electronic devices that we all use every day. This also allows a great possibility for some to create even more compact devices and a faster response when it comes to its functions.

High availability servers vs. Linux VPS

Choosing the right VPS for your personal or business needs is something that should be taken seriously. There’s not a lot of VPS to choose from, aside from Windows and Linux. The two VPS are the most commonly used today.


Actually, the hardest part is to know what you need. You should also take your budget into consideration as the two VPS differ in pricing and other facets.


The Similarities:


High availability serversA VPS is a portion of a server computer that is allocated to the clients. The size will depend on the client’s needs. Either High availability servers or Linux VPS does almost the same when it comes to space allocation. The division process however, is a little different and named different as well. Linux uses their Linux kernel for container-based virtualization, while Windows uses their Hyper-V hypervisor which creates parent and child partitions to support multiple server portions.


Both Linux and High availability servers support PHP and MySQL scripts. This gives you options to scale up your resources when needed. The only difference will be the details.


Linux based VPS:


Just like the Linux operating system, the Linux VPS is open-source which means free distribution. It will work with most open source scripts like PHP as well as other open source programs and applications.


Linux can be optimized to function in almost any environment. This provides increased performance and reduced delays. Another factor that gives better performance to Linux is the lack of graphical user interface which eats a lot of space.


Because Linux is an open source VPS, it will be cheaper. Actually, some Linux based virtual private server plans are free. However, support and customer service for such platform could be subpar. Unlike a Windows-based virtual private server plan, a free Linux plan will require you to do the security measures on your own. There are some plans which give good security, although they are not available for free.


On the bright side, there are dedicated and passionate Linux communities which can help you whenever you encounter problems.


Windows based VPS:


Based on the more popular Windows operating system, a Windows-based VPS uses graphical user interface which is very user friendly, unlike Linux VPS which uses SSH that requires technical knowledge.


Aside from being user friendly, a lot of established companies use windows operating system which means that most programs and applications use windows based programming platform like ASP, ASP.Net and other .Net Framework programming languages.


You’ll also get better support and customer service with High availability servers. Better support for Microsoft Access and SQL also comes with it; though these may work with some Linux platforms, it is better to use a Windows-based platform if you need MS Access and MS SQL.


Which VPS to choose?


It all boils down to what you need. If you need better support and a user-friendly environment, High availability servers is the obvious choice. While Linux has a great community of dedicated users, Windows has a reliable customer service in every country they serve. However, a Windows based VPS plan will cost much.


If you’re a little short on budget, Linux VPS is the way to go. You’ll need some knowledge to use their platform which could be a drawback for some people. A big plus with this is better performance and availability. You’ll find some plans available for free as well.




As you’ve probably realized by now, knowing which to pick all depends on how you plan to maximize VPS services. Linux leans to a more technically adept staff, while windows are for people who know some technical stuff and want a user friendly environment.

Things to Consider About Baseball Pins

Baseball pins play a significant part in little league baseball and in major tournaments. Parents and coaches usually order a number of these pins to raise player morale and increase their motivation to play the game well. Fans usually get these pins to collect or trade them with others who could be interested in it. If you are new to the world of baseball trading pins, here are some tips that you may consider following to get these pins without problems.

  • Quantity.

    baseball pinsHow many pins do you wish to obtain? If you are a parent who is trying to get baseball trading pins for your child, you may consider having a minimum of 10 pins, depending on how you will want the pins to be used. If you are a coach, make sure each member of the team has enough pins. Ideally, a minimum of 25 pins per player will do. But, of course, you can order up to more than 50 and have some extras to give to your family, friends and supporters.

  • Design.

    Try to think of unique designs for your baseball trading pins. As much as possible, avoid designs that are already being used by many. You may include in your custom pins the name of the team or players, logo, tournament or team mascot (face of the mascot or its miniature form) or URL of your business.

Make sure your custom baseball pins to be created in a way that they can easily be recognized by people. If you wish your pins to easily be noticed by fans and audiences, consider adding extra elements to boost their trading power. Choose or create a design that will make other people want to trade with you.


You may consider giving your baseball trading pins a glittery look or you may add some sparkle, blinking LED lights and some danglers to make them attractive and noticeable. Creatively designed sports pins are easy to trade and you do not need to keep changing them within years to make them look interesting.


  • Size.

    Trading pins vary in sizes that may range from 1.5 inch to 3 inch big. The bigger the pins, the more expensive it could cost and the heavier it could become. Recommended size is between 1.75-inch to 2 inches.

  • Selection Process.

    If you are having a hard time choosing the best design for your baseball trading pins, you may consider involving other people in the selection process. You may ask your friends, family members, team members or anyone who you think could help you make good choices to help you out. Getting suggestions from other people will allow you to know what you could have over looked or what could be best to add to your pins in order to make them impressive.

  • Ordering Pins.

    One of the biggest mistakes of those who are new to trading or buying baseball pins is ordering these items a day or a week before the baseball tournament begins. As possible, avoid waiting for the tournament to start as the closer the season begins, the more orders companies have to delivery, which could sometimes cause delays due to huge demand. It would be best to have your baseball trading pins delivered to you early so you could have time to check whether these pins need to be returned to the store or maker for revision or to address any defect.


Checking for quality is important when purchasing any product. Of course, you do not want to get something that is not worth paying for. So, order baseball pins early as doing so will give yourself peace of mind while you wait for your items to be delivered to you.

Why People Are Looking to Sell a Junk Car

You might have seen auto salvage dealers sprouting all over the place. You might have seen their signage and advertisements when you drive around. You might have seen them going online to offer their services. You might have heard of a friend who finally got rid of his junk car with the help of the dealers of the automobile aftermarket. In fact, more and more people are finding ways to make profits out of their old or damaged cars. This is not surprising anymore. Selling old or damaged vehicles is actually the logical and practical choice, and here are reasons why.


sell junk car atlantaUnless your car is old enough to be featured in a museum, you really have no business hanging on to it especially if it doesn’t work anyway. It might have had some sentimental value, but it is already unsightly and it could even be a nuisance. It would consume too much space in a driveway and it would be a waste to leave it rusting in a locked garage. You can’t just throw it away like most junk, and it would be spectacularly out of place in a garage sale. Of course, the obvious solution: sell junk car Atlanta instead.


Some states also have laws regarding the usage and non-usage of old cars, while some would require you to get rid of the vehicle after some time, also in part as a measure of public safety. Your neighbors might also complain if the old and damaged car is a nuisance. If you are required to get rid of the car anyway, or if the complaints of your neighbors would compel you to, you might as well get a profit from it.


People with damaged cars are also looking to sell junk car atlanta. This is a particularly attractive option if you cannot handle the burden of repairing it anymore. Maybe the damaged vehicle is a lost cause already, or maybe you do not have the financial capacity to handle its repair. Even if that is not the case, maintaining a patched-up car is not exactly cheap; you will notice that the repairs needed would soon multiply over time. At some point, those repairs would be just like stubbornly using plasters on a major wound instead of going to the hospital. It might already be too late when you realize this, so make your decisions accordingly.


The option to sell junk car Atlanta is not just a cheaper alternative, although that is indeed a big draw for many. It could also be the safer choice. For a simple illustration, consider the following example. Many cars in the past few years have experienced the floods and ravages of hurricanes, and car owners have been scrambling to address the damage. Note that the electrical system of the car is not easily fixed after water damage, and this could be a safety hazard. Instead of gambling with your safety, your best bet would be to sell it to an auto salvage dealer instead.


The bottom line, however, is that more and more people are making the practical choice to at least profit from old and damaged cars. You might not get a princely sum for it. This goes without saying, since you are selling something old and damaged. But, you could at least get some money out of the deal. This is a more attractive option as opposed to just leaving the car around, unserviceable and useless. This is even more attractive if you would be required or forced to let go of the car anyway. So, make the smart choice like many others did—sell junk car Atlanta.

5 Valuable Tips In Designing Your Badge Lanyards

Maybe you have been tasked to design the badge lanyards of your company or organization. Or, maybe you are planning to design your own badge lanyards to give away during the holidays. Whatever it is, here are five valuable tips that you might find helpful in designing your own badge lanyards:

  • Determine the purpose of the lanyards.

    Why is there a need to make and order lanyards? Are they to be used as the company’s official holder of IDs? Are they to be given away as a token of appreciation for those who are patronizing your product or service? The purpose would be an important key when you are planning the design of the lanyard. From there, you would be able to have the theme or motif of the design. It could also be a factor in choosing what material to use or what attachment would be more appropriate. The text, symbols or characters that you would put in the design would depend on the purpose. Make sure that the design would not deviate from the purpose of the lanyards.


  • Know the recipients of the badge lanyards.

    badge lanyardsAre they young people? If they were, you would try to make the design look more fashionable and updated. Are they elderly? Maybe the widest width of lanyards should be used so that there is provision of bigger fonts, making the text on the lanyards easy to read. The design could also be more formal and traditional. Choose colors that are darker and solid. Are they of school age? These recipients would prefer playful designs or bright colors. As you create the design of the lanyards, have the recipients in mind. What type of lanyard would they like to receive? What design would fit them?


  • Consider the time.

    When do you need the lanyards? Remember that the production of lanyards usually takes two weeks. Therefore, you must allot a week or two in making the design. If you would be the only one to give the approval, then lesser time is needed. However, if there is a higher authority that would have the last say on the design, allot an extra week for revisions before the final output. This way, you have the surety that you would have the lanyards on time. The worst scenario is asking for a rush job from the lanyard company as additional charges would apply.


  • Give special thoughts to the fonts that you would use.

    Script type fonts look really nice on paper but on lanyards, they would be hard to read. Consider the size of the fonts, too. They should complement the width of the lanyards but at the same time, they should be readable.


  • Choose the perfect color.

    This could be one of the challenging parts of designing the badge lanyards. You would consider not only the color of the lanyard itself, but also the color of the text and the combination of the two. There are hundreds of colors to choose from. You could also opt for the full color of the designs if your budget would permit, as this is the most expensive style of lanyards.


The color of the lanyard should match the color of the uniform (if applicable). The color of the text should be complementary to the color of the lanyard. For instance, if the lanyard is light colored, a darker hue should be used for the text so that it would be easier to decipher. Lastly, the color of the design should match the company’s official color (if they have) or at least, the color of the company’s logo.

Pins: Symbol of Belongingness

A well-crafted pin that embodies a sense of belongingness will create a more meaningful life to the bearer. Knowing the fact that you belong to a certain community will make you feel confident and will make you give more value to life. It will give more than a sense of bonding and will promote camaraderie. Pin maybe small but it is very valuable. It carries a lot of significance and recognition.

Companies want to give employees great motivation to work hard. They want their employees to do their best for the company. Some companies provide their employees something that could strengthen the corporate spirit within the company. Pin with company’s logo can bring pride to the bearer and can embody a sense of belongingness. Companies want their employee to be committed on their job and on the company. Thus, giving them something with value and items that symbolize and will remind them of their worth in the company is really noteworthy.

An exclusive lapel pin with the company symbol can add more confidence and loyalty. Employees wearing brooch will be recognized easily as a worker of the company. Some types even contain the name and position of the bearer. This item brings sense of togetherness to the employees. An employee will be more creative, innovative and will give the best performance for the company. It may look like an accent to the clothes of the bearer but the importance it can carry is very much beneficial not just for the employee but also for the company. Employees who feel that sense of belonging and think that he fits in the company will be loyal and will work harder for the improvement of the company.

Schools also use lapel pins. A lapel pin with a logo of school or any academic institution makes it easy for someone who sees the pin to identify that the bearer is a part of that institution. It gives identity to those who wear the pin.

Organizations and clubs also provide this symbolic item to their members. It is not just for the sake of being a member of the club but for the organization as well. The bearer will be easily recognized through the pin he wears. The pin that symbolizes of being a part of the organization can bring pride to the members. They will be recognized as a loyal member of the club. The uniqueness of the pins provided by the organization may motivate each member to be more active and hardworking member of the club because of the idea that they belong to an important and significant community organization.

This symbolic thing is not just for bigger and prestigious group or organization. Even clubs with fewer members could have this symbolic thing. Clubs with own distinctive pins can gain more recognition. It could also be one of the ways to entice more individuals to join their organization. Wearing it will not only give recognition to the bearer. Some may see the pin and will be curious and ask about it. This type of incident will bring more awareness to the public of the organization’s existence. It will make the community recognize your group and you goals.

Well-made pins distinguish your group from other organization. It carries not only your group’s identity but honor and pride as well.

Lapel Pin Superstore could provide you unique and well-crafted products. The superstore gives you the opportunity to have personally-designed pins for an affordable price. Personalized products at friendly price are what this store offers. These tiny well-made items could surely bring smile to the persons who will receive it. It is not the size that counts, it is the value and significance of the item that matter the most.

History of Golf Balls in a Nutshell

Golf balls of today are very different from what they were when first created and used. The first recorded golf balls go as far back as the 14th century. Back then, the balls were constructed from hardwoods with box and beech trees as the most common. These hardwood balls were used from 14th to 17th century.


It was around this era too that another version of balls was created for golf. Often painted white, the balls were round leather pouches filled with goose or chicken feathers and stitched close by hand. The feathers used were boiled beforehand to soften. The measurement for how many feathers to place were based on how many feathers were needed to fill one top hat of a gentleman. This version of the golf ball was called a featherie or feathery.


golf ballsThe major problem with feathers was the wearisome, time-consuming procedure involved in making one. Because of this, a single ball is cost around two to 5 shillings, which is equivalent to 10 to 20 US dollars of today. Another issue with the featherie was the difficulty of turning the pouches into a flawlessly spherical ball; most of the featheries created were irregular, affecting the performance of the players. Moreover, the featherie has a tendency to split open when hit or upon impact on the ground when it becomes too wet. However, until the 19th century, the featherie was chosen over the wooden balls, as it was a better alternative for golf.


Into the 19th century, a new version was created as the featherie became too tedious to make and use. A doctor Robert Adams Patterson created the gutta-percha ball in 1948, which would immediately replace the featherie. The gutta-percha ball, or guttie for short, was made of dried sap extracted from the Malaysian Sapodilla tree. With its texture similar to rubber, the sap was heated then made round using a mould. This method was simpler and less costly, making it easier to mass-produce. The balls could also be remoulded when they lose their round shapes due to over-use or damage.


Golf players back then also commented on the guttie having better aerodynamic qualities, making it the preferred balls of the players. Over time, people also realize that the incisions on the guttie made the ball flight more consistent, as compared to a perfectly smooth guttie. Guttie makers considered this observation and started manufacturing versions of gutties with bumps.


The next version of golf was created by accident in 1898 when Coburn Haskell wound a rubber thread around a golf ball. The new creation was considered as the 20th century wound golf ball while the design was called the rubber Haskell golf balls. Manufacturers of wound golf ball choose between having solid a liquid-filled or spherical core. A layer of rubber threads was then wounded into the core. The final layer was a cover made of thin exterior shell; the material used for the shell was the balata sap from the Balata tree found in South America, the Caribbean and Central America.


It was later discovered that the ball would have better flight, spin and trajectory when the bumps were replaced by grooves on the surface. It was around early 1900 when they inverted the bumps and produced dimpled golf balls. With the innovation, players soon realized that they could add a backspin to the flight of the ball with lofted golf clubs. Manufacturers took advantage of this situation and started designing golf balls with varying groove patterns, to discover the best design that improves the spin, trajectory, flight length, and overall performance of these dimpled wound balls.


Finally, in 1967, a patent made by Jim Bartsch proposed the development of a chemical resin to make the center of the golf ball more solid. Called the “Executive” model, the patent was bought and implemented by Spalding. The patent prove to be successful making this company the first manufacturing firm to produce the world’s first solid golf ball.

Important Facts About Live Chat Software

The popularity of live chat has been dramatically increasing among online shoppers in the past years. At present, the majority of buyers online expects to find a live chat software on a website. However, the best benefit you can get from this software is the real time live chat assistance that this tool can provide.


Adding a live chat tool will result not just in higher customer satisfaction level and generating more sales but will likewise facilitate your business customer care workflow and reduce the costs of operation.


This article shows the important facts concerning live chat tool, what are the benefits that can be noticed if a live chat tool is being used effectively in your customer service cycle, and the advantages for businesses.


Live Chat Software Provides a Complete Look to Your Online Business

chat softwareThe use of live chat in online businesses has become very popular. Be it for health, travel, real estate, education or any other online business, live chat has become a part of every business website. An online shopping with online support software is considered more reliable and credible. The visibility of a chat button makes your website more appealing and livelier to your customers.

Live chat benefits are not only restricted on how your online store look; rather it makes your online customer service jobs much simpler. With the help of the live chat tool, you will be a step ahead of your competitors by providing an excellent customer experience. Check out how live chat tool does wonders in completing your online stores.


Provides the Need of Sales Persons and Virtual Receptionist

Each time a potential customer enters the walk-in shop, a sales personnel or receptionist will approach him and attend to his needs. The sales personnel will guide him and give details about different products and likewise help him decide. In the same way, if you visit an online retailer, the potential clients want someone real who could provide assistance with their online purchase process.


Live chat software in an e-shop allows agents to attend to every possible client and help them with their purchases. The live support agents can either start a proactive text-based conversation with their clients, or the customers themselves can start a chat session each time they need help.


Manages Complaints and Issues

Complaints and issues are part of every business. Difficulties in your customer service tasks and complaints from your clients will not affect your business, as long as you know how to deal with them professionally and efficiently. You need to have the appropriate online system to deal with the incoming queries and complaints. Live chat software for your online business provides you the best complaint management system.

You don’t have to go through the difficulties of lining up complaints and provide solution one by one because the live chat enables your chat personnel to solve your customer’s complaints right away.


Systematize Your Customer Service Tasks

To deliver an enhanced customer experience, you need to manage your customer service tasks appropriately. Using live chat on your online business can help you handle your tasks in a more professional and efficient way. You can manage when and how to send a chat invitation to your online clients. To make sure a fast and error-free service was provided, you can train your chat personnels on how to provide more accurate answers to your clients.


Online support system lets your chat agents to escalate chat to a live personnel who could provide the most essential and satisfactory answer to your potential customers.


It is right to say that live chat software completes your online store by systematizing your online customer service tasks.

Advantages of Having Good Employee Engagement

The usual work setting nowadays involves working for eight hours a day, five days a week – excluding holidays. That means employees see their co-employees for at least five times a week. If there are good relationships between employees, that five times a week could be a delight. But if there are bad relationships between employees, that five times a week could be a disaster. This example alone highlights the importance of having good employee engagement.


It is a very important part in employees’ lives, because they will experience it for a majority of their lifetime. Compared to unengaged employees, engaged employees are generally better. Engaged employees work better, faster, and more efficiently. They are more productive compared to unengaged employees. Having said all these, having engaged employees has advantages, and here are some of them:


employee engagementEngaged employees work faster compared to unengaged employees. Because of this, there will be more work done by engaged employees. More work done amounts to more profit earned. And more profit earned results to happier employees. This cycle will go on and on. Having a good employee engagement helps maintain this cycle. Having it ensures that employees stay motivated to accomplish their goals, which are in line with the company’s goals.


This is a form of a mutualistic type of relationship, wherein both parties acquire and enjoy benefits: The employees will be happier and earn more money, while the company makes more money as well. If this situation is reached, it is a sign that a harmonious working environment is present, and employees are motivated enough to work for other people. This is the best scenario that can be achieved by the management.


Having good employee engagement also means that the leaders of the company are well trained, thus assuring that the company will not fail and will not be mismanaged. Having the advantage of good leadership is essential in today’s society because it ensures survival and stability. Employees need not fear that they will be unnecessarily laid off because of labor situations. Company stability ensures employees that they will continue to earn money, just as long as they do their job very well, without compromising the goals of the company.


They will only think of how to do their best to continue to earn money for their families. With this, they can place the majority of their attention on doing their work properly, producing quality output, and making money. Again, this is beneficial both to the employee and to the company. The company maintains its integrity – providing work opportunities for employees, all while earning money.


Finally, having good employee engagement produces less stress on all parties involved. Stress is a major killer of people (and productivity) nowadays, because it can lead to more serious physical conditions. Having less stress results to a more physically healthy body. This works because having good employee engagement means fewer arguments between bosses and employees, as well as having a great working environment. Nobody wants to have additional stress. People’s lives are difficult enough, that to make it more difficult is considered to be suicidal.


Everybody wants to have fewer problems than they currently have, and getting lesser amounts of stress helps in that case. Having fewer problems means more energy could be directed in making quality work, and maintaining sound interpersonal interactions. Fewer stress leads to fewer problems. Fewer problems lead to better health. Better health leads to better work. Better work leads to more money, and more money means happiness both to the company and to the employees. And in this situation, everybody benefits, and everybody wins.